About Our School

Seven Stars Academy of Martial Arts has been serving the Falmouth, Massachusetts, community since 1992 under the direction of our Head of School, Maureen Burke Santos.  Master Santos has personally trained all of our instructors, and takes personal responsibility for the attention given to each student in every class.

Our school’s philosophy is stated in our Mission Statement:

We are here to help people become more confident, fit, focused, safe, and peaceful; to make our students more successful in life through high quality Martial Arts instruction; to empower people of all ages; to change lives by encouraging the development of each student’s full potential in mind, body, and spirit.

Our dedicated martial arts facility is located in downtown Falmouth on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, where we provide excellence in martial arts instruction as well as life skills for children and adults in a safe, friendly atmosphere. At Seven Stars Academy of Martial Arts we work to develop our students into Black Belt leaders who strive toward being the very best that they can be in all areas of life. We do this through instruction in Tang Soo Do and Tai Chi.

Tang Soo Do is a classical Martial Art taught with equal emphasis on training the body, mind, and spirit. It is a Korean form of Karate with Chinese influences which draws from 2000 years of Martial Arts history. Studying Tang Soo Do will help you develop physical, mental, and spiritual health as you learn to resolve both inner and outer conflict, as well as developing self defense skills.

That may sound like a tall order, but Martial Arts training has in fact developed quite a reputation over the centuries for good reason. Martial Arts training conditions the mind to focus inner power and energy, while strengthening and toning the body. Karate training also helps to release stress and promote peace of mind.

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