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Certified Instructor Master Frasier

Bob Frasier, Master & Certified Instructor

Bob Frasier is a Master (4th Degree Black Belt). He is also a Kyo Sa  (Certified Instructor) who teaches both adults and children. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions:

What got you interested in Martial Arts?
Movies, my Uncle, and friends.
How long have you been studying the Martial Arts?
Ten years of active training – I actually started 23 years ago.
How has your training affected your life?
I am in better shape; I don’t need to take insulin pills for diabetes, and I am more aware of things around me.
What other life paths are you following (career, school, family, hobbies, etc)?
I have been collecting swords since I was 10 and have over 50 of them – The Samurai are my favorites. I have been a cook for 14 years.
Favorite book, movie or both and why?
So many books and movies – the one movie that stands out is The Last Dragon, which made me want to try Martial Arts.
Personal motto or favorite quote?
I have always liked Stan Lees quote: “With great power comes a greater responsibility”.