Adult Martial Arts Program


Adult students learn to both kick and block while making friends and building endurance.

Friends who kick together stick together!

Many people begin Martial Arts training for the superb self-defense applications, and are pleasantly surprised by the many other benefits of the practice.

Martial Arts training will increase your mental focus and self-discipline, skills which transfer to all areas of life. Tang Soo Do is also an excellent form of whole-body exercise. Many students are drawn to it after finding other forms of fitness training boring. By contrast, the consistent challenge and mental stimulation of Tang Soo Do training keeps students wanting more.  Our students develop self-discipline, and concentration by setting long term goals, attending class twice each week, and practicing what they learn.

Students training at Seven Stars Academy aren’t here to prove anything to anyone but themselves. There is always a helping hand and an encouraging word for participants at all levels. With a positive attitude, we can all learn to reach our goals, and go beyond!

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