Juniors Martial Arts Program

For Elementary School Children (Ages 7 to 11)

Imagine what advantage your child would have in the future from learning Martial Arts today. Imagine the boost to his self-esteem or how self-confident she will become.  Our students develop self-discipline, and concentration by setting long term goals, attending class twice each week, and practicing what they learn.

While learning to work toward goals, your child will be learning respect for both self and others. Recent studies show that kids studying Martial Arts are more well-behaved, and even earn better grades in school!

In addition, children in our classes are taught tools for resolving conflict peacefully, and instructed in how to use their self-defense skills appropriately.

Our school offers a safe, comfortable learning atmosphere with qualified instructors who know how to make learning fun. Your kids will love it, and you’ll be delighted with the progress your child will make in so many important aspects of life.

All our students are expected to attend class twice a week; beginning students attend both Monday and Wednesday at 5:45 PM.

Arrange for free class to try it out!

Beginner karate kids show off their high blocks for their parents at their belt promotion.

Seven Stars Academy of Martial Arts Karate Kids show off their moves!

Use the contact for to the left, call us at 508-540-7991,  or
email us at 7stars@falmouthmartialarts.com